Your success formula for efficient advertising, Mr. Griffiths

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Step 1: Personalized Print Mailing

A High Level of Attention

First, we send a printed mailing to your target group and make certain that it gets noticed.  We stimulate the receiver so that he gives an immediate response.

• Image personalization for the upmost level of attention
• Individualized content ensures pertinence
• Response option with a personalized URL and QR-Code

Step 2: E-Mail Reminder

Increasing the Response Rate

The receiver didn’t respond?  Now we’ll dig deeper into the situation and send an E-mail reminder.  Or two…or three.  E-mail communication is, after all, virtually free.

• Activate non-responders, increase the response rate  • Use additional communication channels • As effectively personalized as your mailer

Step 3: Personalized Website

Direct Customer Dialog

Now you are in direct contact with the recipient.  Whether it is a contact form or promotional participation, all data that is entered on the website is also immediately entered into your database.

• Easier feedback channel for the recipient
• Gain information directly from the customers
• Validate addresses, carry out customer surveys

Step 4: Measurable Results

Results in Real Time

We are at our goal:  You now know exactly what your target group says about your services and how well the response was to your mailing.  This valuable information helps you to reach more customers and sell even more.

• Track all response results in real time

• Test multiple campaigns in comparison
• Better your strategy based on the results

Personalized Print Mailing
E-Mail Reminder
Personalized Website
Measureable Results

Appeal to customers personally, directly, and measurably

Perfect for: Product launches, Promotions, Games, Tradeshow invitations…

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