Cross Media Data Relation Plugins

Development Resources

Creating your first Data Relation Plugin

Here you'll find everthing you need to start devolping.

Data Relation Plugins can tie in to the Direct SMile Cross Media System and allow reading and writing external data from inside a campaign. These Plugins need to be written in Microsoft .Net technology. So either VisualBasic or C# will di the job here. Since you are a little familiar with one of those languages you can start.


To download all mentioned files at once, please click here:

What you need:

1. The Help File

Please download this helpfile and start on your local PC. Sometimes it blocks running for security reasons. Please click here to see what is needed to unblock the file.

1. The Sample Project (Includes Interface DLL)

This is a tiny VisualBasic implementation of a simple read only DataRelation Plugin. Just download it and compile your first plugin. It also contains the DataRelation-Interfaces DLL. This needs to be referenced by your own project as well.

You can find a compiled version of the SampleDataRelation here. For running this DLL in the Test Environment simply copy it to "c:\DirectSmilePlugins".

1. The Test Environment

This zip file contains an installer for the DirectSmile DataRelation Test Environment. It's a little tool what helps you building your own plugin. It avoids testing the relation on your live crossmedia server. Instead you can test all funtionality on your local computer.

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